Friday, December 18, 2009

Race Schedule 2010

So here is my tentative race schedule for 2010:

3/20/10: CC Mazatlan, Mexico
4/10/10: CC Lima, Peru
4/18/10: WC Monterrey, Mexico
5/8/10: WCS Seoul, South Korea
5/10: CC Ixtapa, Mexico
6/12/10: WC Hy-Vee-Des Moines, Iowa
7/10/10: WC Holten, Netherlands
7/24/10: WCS London, England
8/8/10: WC Tiszaujvanos, Hungary
8/14/10: WCS Kitzbuhel, Austria
9/8/10: WCS Budapest, Hungary (qualification)
9/25/10: CC Elite Nationals, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
10/3/10: PATCO Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
10/17/10:WC Tongyeong, South Korea
11/7/10: WC Huatulco, Mexico
key: CC=Continental Cup WC=World Cup WCS= World Championship Series

I can't believe how many races I am planning on doing in 2010, it doubles the number of races I did in 2009! But I am really excited for the challenge! So far my base phase is going really well. I will update more in the next few days about what I have been up to.

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