Thursday, November 6, 2014

Pictures of 2014

2014 was a good year with some few bumps. I have finally taken some time to reflect on the year and recap how the year unfolded from the end to the beginning. My season actually ended sooner than I would have liked. The week after Rancho Cordova I was out on a run and felt a sharp tightness in my left calf. I honestly thought nothing of it because my calves were still really sore/tight from the race. Well I should have stopped immediately, but I didn't and I ended up straining my calf. We still had 2+weeks to get it ready to race 70.3 Miami so I did everything I could to make it happen. Five days before the race my calf still wasn't ready to run so we decided to end the year and not race Miami. 

Challenge Rancho Cordova- 1st!!

                               WINNING feels amazing!! (Picture courtesy of Freeplay Magazine)

Toward the finish of the bike  (photo courtesy of Freeplay Magazine)
Hugs are for WINNERS!
70.3 Cozumel- DNF, I passed out around mile 7 of the run
I exited the swim first, then it went downhill from there :(
My brother came to Cozumel to be my sherpa!
Celebrating my 28th birthday with carrot cake cupcakes!!

Somehow I do not have any pictures from Hy-Vee. I did have one of my best performances of my career finishing in 6th place!!

Frankenmuth Triathon-1st! Awesome local triathlon 3 hours away from Findlay in the town where Bronner's is located (one of the biggest Christmas stores).
Celebrating with Kevin (with the coolest award)!!
Challenge New Albany- 2nd! I considered this my "hometown" race since it is only 90 min away from home.
Cheering squad!!
Heading out on the run

My family all smiles after the race!

Kansas City 5150- 3rd! Below is one of the nicest pools I have swam in. I was really impressed with the hospitality in Lawrence, Kansas! 

70.3 Munice- DNS :( This was my first ever DNS. I woke up Friday morning with a sore throat and honestly thought nothing of it, but when it was still around in the afternoon I started to get a bit worried. I sent an email to Paulo and he told me if I had ANY flu like symptoms I was not allowed to start. That evening I began to feel worse which led to a night of no sleep and sweating on and off. I made the painful decision to not race at 4AM so my mom and I drove to transition to drop off my chip and then headed home to Findlay.

       Posing for a picture in Munice with one of the guys (Brian Robertson) that got me into triathlon!

70.3 Buffalo Springs- 4th. What a tough race especially when you are having an 'off' day.
                                    My P3 looking fast the day before it's maiden race voyage!

I spent the month of June with the Triathlon Squad in one of my favorite training locations-FLAGSTAFF!!
                                     Joe, Felipe, and I before a run on National Running Day!

Me and my brand new Cerevlo P3!! Thanks Austin Tri-Cyclist for the hook up!!

REV3 Knoville (2013 Series Championships)- DNF :( I got a flat around mile 10 of the bike which I was able to fix, but 1 mile later I flatted again and my day was over. So extremely frustrating. 
 Dad and I before the start.

        Even though I DNF'd, I was still able to get 4th in the series.

Brian went to Japan for 3 months to do research on pig embryo freezing. 

                                                      At the airport before his departure

I had a little health scare at the end of April/beginning of May. I will say it gave me a whole different perspective on life and what is important.
    Getting some iron infusions to deal with my wiped out iron stores.

70.3 Oceanside- 6th place! Very happy with my season opener in a very stacked field. 

 Big smiles with Heather (she WON)!!

2014 marked the 4th year I have been working with Paulo and The Triathlon Squad. I spent most of January-March out in Powadise escaping the awful winter Ohio had. 
Good fun running uphill :)
Finally after many times up Palomar I found the store!!

Some random pictures to wrap up... 
 London ran in his first race and placed 3rd!!
My very handy and romantic husband transformed our loft space into this awesome reading nook!
Selfie in the new Rudy Project Wingspan 57 
Excited to be sponsored by Brooks this year!!


A huge thank you to Paulo for all the work and commitment he has given me these last four years. I keep on improving every year because of his dedication on making me the best athlete I can be. He has taught me what it means to be a "pro" triathlete and has equipped me with the tools I need to be successful. 

The Triathlon Squad- I love being part of such a great group of hard working, like minded, dedicated individuals who push me everyday to be better and teach me things all the time.

Thank you to my incredible sponsors for the support in 2014: Rudy Project, Brooks Running, Blue Seventy, and PowerBar!!  

Lastly, THANK YOU to everyone on Team Spieldenner! This year would not have been possible without the love and support of my wonderful family, friends, and husband!! They are always there through the ups and downs and give me that ear to listen to, the pat on the back, or the slap in the ass.