Friday, May 24, 2013

Columbia Triathlon

This past weekend I competed at the Columbia triathlon. This was my "first" race of the year. I say that because I actually had my first race of the year at REV3 Knoxville, but I had to pull off the course about 5 miles into the bike because my rear wheel "croaked". It was super disappointing because I had won the swim prime and was feeling great, but it all didn't matter when my wheel decided to die on me. In all of my years competing I have never had a mechanical so it was extremely frustrating. Since that race I purchased some very fast wheels from HED and got my bike a complete tune-up to hopefully avoid any more mechanicals this year.
Now back to this past weekend. I had a pretty easy lead up into the race because my husband came with me. I never really appreciated how valuable it is to have support at a race until Knoxville when no one was there. It is always nice to have a sherpa to help carry things, hold things, fix things, keep you company, etc. I hope my parents or husband will be able to come to every race this year. Race morning came quick like it always does with a 650 AM start. Here is my thoughts on the race.
The swim was pretty fast with a lot of really good swimmers. I was unable to break away and came out with a group. I was a little frustrated with my swim, but I put it behind me and focused on having a smooth transition and focusing on having a fast bike. Onto the bike I focused I riding steady and in control on the very difficult course. Columbia's course is very scenic and really hilly (especially for someone who is from flat NW Ohio). I actually really like hilly courses because I feel like they play up my strengths. During the bike I pretty much rode in 4th position the entire time until about 4 miles to go when Neath passed me. I didn't even try to go with her which was a mistake. Since I am pretty new to non-drafting racing I am not super confident in my bike abilities. But I am learning that I need to be and push myself more. I got off the bike in 5th position with 3rd and 4th very close up the road and 6th close behind. I was surprised with how good  my legs felt. I dealt with a little hip injury in March/April so I haven't really run hard since March. Just like the bike course, the run was very hilly and scenic. I could see 3rd and 4th for the entire run. I noticed that the gaps were staying about the same which surprised me since I knew the girls ahead were good runners. Again my lack of confidence in myself hurt me, but I learned that I need to believe in myself more and I am no longer the athlete I was in the past. Around 4.5 miles I got passed and was now running in 6th which is where I ended up finishing.
I have to thank my sponsors for the best equipment and nutrition.
Blue Seventy: I wore the TX3000 race suit and the PZ3TX Swim skin
Rudy Project: I wore the Wingspan TT helmet and the pink Noyz sunglasses
PowerBar: I took 2 gels (strawberry banana and berry blast) on the bike and one on the run
Thanks to my coach Paulo and The Triathlon Squad for getting me race ready and all the support!
And last but not least my amazing family and husband for all of their incredible support and dealing with me on a daily basis!
Next up is REV3 Quassy which will definitely be very challenging with the course and the competition. I am looking forward to building on Columbia and racing tougher!

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